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19 October 2021 - 22 October 2021
Clean Cooking Week GET.invest Matchmaking

Organised by Clean Cooking Alliance

The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) works with a global network of partners to build an inclusive industry that makes clean cooking accessible to the three billion people who live each day without it. Established in 2010, CCA is driving consumer demand, mobilizing investment to build a pipeline of scalable businesses, and fostering an enabling environment that allows the sector to thrive. Clean cooking transforms lives by improving health, protecting the climate and environment, empowering women, and helping consumers save time and money.

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GET.invest is a European programme, supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria, which aims to mobilise investments in decentralised renewable energy. In close cooperation with other initiatives and business associations in the energy sector, the programme targets private sector business and project developers, financiers and regulators to build sustainable energy markets in developing countries. Services include market information, a funding database, matchmaking events and access-to-finance advisory through the GET.invest Finance Catalyst.                

The GET.invest Finance Catalyst links renewable energy projects and companies with finance opportunities and vice versa, targeting small- and medium-scale renewable energy opportunities. It provides advisory support on investment strategy, business case structuring and financial modelling, as well as accessing finance and transaction support through a team of dedicated experts with extensive experience in renewable energy project development and finance.

Closed since 22 October 2021
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Kenya 23
Nigeria 18
Uganda 17
United States 16
Zambia 13
United Kingdom 12
India 12
Ethiopia 8
Rwanda 7
France 7
Belgium 6
Ghana 6
Germany 5
Sweden 5
Tanzania, United Republic Of 5
Italy 4
Canada 4
Netherlands 3
Sierra Leone 3
Denmark 3
Cameroon 3
Togo 2
South Africa 2
Bangladesh 2
Mali 2
Malawi 2
Mozambique 2
Haiti 2
Peru 2
Madagascar 1
Zimbabwe 1
Venezuela 1
Austria 1
Swaziland 1
Angola 1
Tajikistan 1
Benin 1
North Macedonia 1
Botswana 1
Lithuania 1
Norway 1
Senegal 1
Cambodia 1
Mexico 1
Pakistan 1
Switzerland 1
Burundi 1
Spain 1
Total 215
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After event 203
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